Social Selling and Customer Lifecycle Management; Nestlé Professional’s answer to improve end-customer engagement


“Change is the only constant”. Ancient words and possibly a bit of a cliché, but very true. Especially today.

The way customers and prospects interact with companies is rapidly changing. The days where the sales person had the knowledge advantage over the buyer are long gone. Besides that, buyers increasingly delay the moment they reach out to a company or sales person, able to find all they need on the internet. And with eCommerce becoming ever more sophisticated, the classic role of sales and marketing is changing significantly where end-customer engagement is key to future success, rather than brand or product superiority.

Social selling, the use of social media and online tools, is one of many answers Nestlé Professional has defined to improve end-customer engagement.
In his presentation, Herman will share his view on what is required to tackle the challenges to make the world’s largest food and beverages manufacturer more customer-focussed, using social selling in the context of customer life cycle management as a concrete example.

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Locatie: Podium 9 Tijd: 11:30 - 12:15 Herman Koppe Herman Koppe